Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our holiday at the Cube Vortex!


 Attack of the raisin people! Apparently the concepts of "working on a tan" and "reading a book without getting splashed" are unknown to their ancient culture :D

 Third day, on our way to the docks! This dog seemed hungry and followed us around. She was a very good dog. Amanda named her "Princess", and Anders and I named her "yuck, don't hug that thing"... :)

Shipping out to "El Vórtice de Cubos"!

Our salty captain, Jorge, and his son Miguel (there should probably be some dots or wavy lines over those names, but whatever)! Miguel was climbing around like crazy on that boat :) Interesting fact that Jorge told us: the Cube Vortex itself can be seen as a cube in another, larger vortex, and so on until it all loops back!

World's greatest dad <3 <3 <3!!! Amanda wanted to go in the water, but Miguel said she'd be cooked by the microwaves, so she didn't. Had to change the memory card in the camera afterwards, since the one I was using just spazzed out and filled up with copies of this pic :D

Miguel caught loads of these little fish and grilled the lot right there on the boat! The best fish I ever had (seriously!), with little chilis and lime and yams! Jorge said his wife made the salad, but he didn't know how to make it himself :(

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