Saturday, June 30, 2012

What's called a "mixed bag".

This will basically be an art dump, all narrativeless. Oh, hi again, by the way. I've been a tad busy doing my internship (compositing, etc.), but now that I've settled in a bit I'm finally back to drawing stuff on good old honest paper. The first picture is an attempt at some sword and sorcery, eloquently called "dragon fight".

You are free to make up a name for the barbarian and something cool for him to say. You may then print the picture, write his line in the speech bubble, fold the picture neatly and mail it to me.

I drew with a brush and ink a lot before, but the technical pen/thin line thing was so fun that I kinda started doing that instead. However, I found some old brush drawings while cleaning out my apartment, and I thought they looked pretty nice. When I use a brush, my drawings get a little looser and less rigid, which works well for cartooning. I bought some grey markers too. These are a few endeavours from last weekend, some random unrelated people and a couple of houses.

There you have it! I've been drawing tiny Nazis for a couple of days now, so there are some super weapons coming soon.

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