Friday, September 27, 2013

Can you dig it? Archaeologists may have found the Golden Tiger of Azeba!

Believed lost since the Muslim conquest of Alexandria in the seventh century, the Tiger was one of king Solomon's three gifts to the Queen of Sheba. The new find is one of the largest examples of Solomonic automata ever discovered. 

The tiger is made from solid gold, and was recovered by a joint team of Israeli and Ethiopian
researchers off the coast of Turkey. Tomographic analysis is expected to reveal previously
unknown details of ancient Jewish mechanical engineering.

“From the gold she brought to him, he fashioned her a great tiger, 
to stalk the silver ibises and drink from the glass rivers in her garden.”
Al-Masudi - The Kings


  1. I want to believe! Amazing. Love the last pic!

  2. Thanks a ton! Believing is fun, you should go for it! :)